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Break down barriers! Build social skills! Robots bring a unique skill set to autism therapy.

Milo is an intelligent robot that really connects with children with autism. He can smile, laugh, walk and speak. Most amazing of all, he's really good at helping children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) develop and practice critical social skills.

Facts about robots and autism:

  • Children, particularly those with ASD, are intrigued by robots and are excited to learn from and engage with them.
  • Robots can deliver perfect lessons repeatedly, without frustration or anger.
  • Robots verbally deliver interactive lessons simultaneously with visuals.
  • Children can get much needed therapy at a fraction of the cost and on a more frequent basis.
  • Robots can collect and provide data to therapists and parents so that students progress can be evaluated.

Our Robots for Autism curriculum addresses four key areas:

  • Emotional including indentifying facial expressions, learning how to respond to others and labeling feelings.
  • Social including what to do and say in common situations and understanding who is a stranger.
  • Conversational including how to begin, maintain and end a conversation with adults and peers.
  • Relaxational including techniques to reduce physical responses to stress.​​