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CyberKids Robotics will teach students how to program and fly drone robots like the one pictured here. Students will work in teams of eight.  Each robotic team will prepare for "aerial competitions" and skills challenges.

After mastering the skills required for "aerial competitions", CyberDrones teams will learn how to use their drone aircraft to capture live HD video images while their drone is in flight.

​CyberKids Robotics is pleased to announce our newest robotics education program, CyberDrones!  The future of robotics and innovation will involve drone technology.  Through our new CyberDrones program, students in grades six through twelve will be introduced to the world of "flying robots".  Your students will learn navigation, GPS technology, common aerodynamic concepts and autopilot technology.  At the end of the program, your students will compete in an exciting "drone robot" competition.


CyberDrones  EXPO